Sites for affordable housing in Brentor – extra site added to shortlist – update

The village of North Brentor has been identified by Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNP) as a rural settlement where the provision of a small number of affordable houses to meet an identified local need could be permitted. Suitable sites will be within or adjoining the settlement and well related to the existing buildings.

  • Following an appeal for suitable sites for affordable housing nine locations were put forward by the deadline of 30th September 2013.  These were initially assessed by the Community Council of Devon and have already been visited by representatives of Dartmoor National Park Authority Planning, West Devon Borough Council, and the Community Council of Devon, accompanied by Brentor Parish Councillors. Following this, the Dartmoor National Park Authority has produced an assessment of all the sites and a shortlist of those considered to merit further investigation.  All these documents are available on this website from the ‘Affordable Housing – Background documents’ section below.
  • The sites put forward and a shortlist from these were discussed at a special Parish Council meeting on Monday 24th February 2014.
  • A drop in session, where parishioners were able to ask questions about the affordable housing on a one-to-one basis with Parish Councillors, representatives of DNP and WDBC etc, was held on 17th March 2014 and was attended by some 80 parishioners, many of whom filled in feedback forms for the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s Planners.  The sites map and consultation/background document available at the session and a feedback form are all available to view or download from the ‘Affordable Housing – Background documents’ section below.
  • Tim Beavon, Chair of the Brentor Parish Council, provided the following update on 17th April 2014:The initial assessment by DNPA of the sites put forward concluded that site 9 was undeliverable following a report that the land price required was too high.  In response to receiving a letter advising him that the site was considered undeliverable the owner has been in contact with DNPA and confirmed that affordable housing land prices are acceptable to him, making the site an option for affordable housing. DNPA has therefore revised its report, also updating some inconsistencies drawn to its attention at the consultation event.  The revised report is available below in the ‘background documents’ section.   Please use the feedback form, also available in the ‘background documents’ section below, to give DNPA your views on this site.  Please submit any additional comment to DNPA in good time for the next public meeting on 12 May.
  • The next stage of the consultation process will be a meeting in the form of a question and answer session, to be held at the Village Hall on 12 May 2014, starting at 7.30pm.  A planning officer from DNPA, the Housing Officer from West Devon Borough Council and the Community Council of Devon’s Rural Housing Enabler will be present to answer questions. 
For further general information about affordable housing contact the Rural Housing Enabler, Sue Southwell, at the Community Council of Devon, telephone 01392 248919 ext 122.

Affordable Housing – Background documents

The following links are for documents which relate to the topic of affordable housing in Brentor.  Click on them to go to the relevant website and document:

Brentor Housing Needs Survey Report, February 2011, produced by the Community Council for Devon on behalf of the Devon Rural Housing Partnership

Brentor Housing Needs Survey comments, February 2011.  Comments provided by respondents to the survey to question C8 of the Brentor Housing Needs Survey.  Please note that these are unedited comments and are provided on this website in response to a request to the current Parish Council by a local parishioner.  This document was released by the Community Council for Devon in response to a request by the Parish Council.

General information about affordable housing on the Dartmoor National Park website

Dartmoor National Park Development Plan on the Dartmoor National Park website

Dartmoor National Park Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), relating to Affordable Housing in Dartmoor National Park, from the Dartmoor National Park website

Brentor Affordable Housing Sites assessment produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority

Brentor Affordable Housing Sites shortlist produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority

17th March 2014 drop-in session background/consultation document, produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority

(Left) Annotated plan of sites put forward for consideration, produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority and displayed at the 17th March 2014drop-in session.

Click on the plan to see an enlarged version


Housing sites consultation feedback form produced by the Dartmoor National Park Authority.  Use this form to send your comments on affordable housing to the Dartmoor National Park planners.

Brentor Affordable Housing Sites Assessment (revised April 2014) - the latest Sites Assessment produced by the Dartmoor National Parks Authority

Brentor Affordable Housing Sites Shortlist (revised April 2014) - the latest Sites Shortlist produced by the Dartmoor National Parks Authority

Brentor and the First World War project

The Brentor Archive Group are planning to mark the centenary of the First World War by studying Brentor’s contribution to the war effort and how the experience changed life in the area.

They hope to hold a History Exhibition to include original items, photographs and documents from the time in November 2014 and would like as many people as possible to be involved in preparing for this exhibition and other events surrounding it.

Click here to find out more

Please register for better broadband in Brentor!

INCA Welcomes Broadband Funding & Launches Superfast Notspot Registration Scheme

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association has launched a registration scheme for people who want to access better broadband but can’t get it.  Announced  on the BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme, the scheme encourages individuals, businesses and communities register their notspot information at

The information collected will be made available to alternative broadband providers looking for opportunities to serve areas that are left out of BT’s superfast broad band roll out plans.

Earlier this week the government announced the distribution of an additional £250m central funding amongst local authorities. Councils are expected to find matching funds making a pot of £500m to extend superfast broadband coverage. Alternative providers delivering fibre, wireless or satellite broadband are well placed to fill in many of the gaps, often more cost-effectively than BT.

David Cullen, INCA’s chair and a director of ITS Technology Group said, “Further government funding to extend superfast broadband into the hardest to reach areas is very welcome. There are many companies and community projects eager to get involved and help deliver a truly world class digital infrastructure for the whole of the UK. The Notspot Registration Scheme will identify pockets of pent up demand, helping private sector providers and local councils direct their efforts to best effect.”

For more information contact

Broadband update

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the local broadband survey over the last year or so.  The results can be seen by clicking on the link below – please note that these are the combined results for Brentor, Mary Tavy and Peter Tavy, all served by the Mary Tavy telephone exchange.  The speed results are for Brentor only and show that 88% of broadband users in the parish get less than 2 mbs download speed and 89% achieve less than 0.49 mbs upload speed.  The government’s target of 90% of broadband users having 2 mbs download speed is clearly not the case in our parish!

Click here for the Broadband survey results

The Parish Council has been in touch with our local MP concerning the plans for improving our broadband speed.  Councillor Drury met with our MP on behalf of Brentor Parish and has received two copy responses as a result of his discussions:

1)   From Devon County Council to our MP – click on this link to see the letter DCC letter to MP

2)   An e-mail from BT to our MP.  Click on this link to see this e-mail – BT response

It would seem that the best way forward will be for us all to register our interest in this issue and keep all parties involved fully aware of our desire for a better broadband connection!  Why not follow BT’s own advice……………..register interest with the project team and keep in touch with them for any further updates.  The web link below has more information:

You can still check your broadband speed by clicking here. (Just click the button marked ‘Start Speed Test’ below the two dials).

No Brentor Village Show this year?

The village show organizers have reluctantly decided not to run the Brentor Village Show this year. Several members of the group have been involved with the show for the past 8 years and would really like a break!
It has been a difficult decision to make as the team knows how much the show is enjoyed and has become an eagerly anticipated part of the village calendar.
However, perhaps another team will come forward to take over or will consider running an alternative event this summer.
Should another group be willing to pick up the reins the present team is very happy to pass on the relevant paper work but they really feel that for this year, at least, they need to recharge their batteries.
Sue Stephens 860374, Judy Baxter 810375, Janet Albrighton 860445,
Sarah Walker-Smith 860165, Sue Rhodes 810403

New Parish Clerk appointed

A warm welcome to Caroline Sellars, who has been appointed as the new Brentor Parish Council’s Parish Clerk.
Caroline can be contacted (Monday to Friday only please) as follows:
Phone:  01822 481415    Mobile:  07899 655962     Email:
Her postal address is:   1 Abbotsfield Crescent, Tavistock PL19 8EY

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