Fundraising tea for Fran raises £725

The fundraising cream tea for Fran, held on 14th May, raised £725 towards alternative therapies for Fran.

Liz Bashford, who organised the event, writes………

“The afternoon was a great success and raised £725.  I think Fran felt really well supported by the village and beyond. Thank you so much for all the generous donations and the hard work of all the helpers.”

New Chairman of Brentor Parish Council

At the Annual Parish Meeting held on 9th May 2022 Councillor Terry Pearce announced that he had decided to retire from the chairmanship of the Parish Council He took on the role some years ago when only two people stood for election as Parish Councillors.  His action prevented the village having Parish Councillors appointed in a caretaker role by a higher authority after three months of not being able to have a functioning Parish Council.  Had he not stepped in there could have been considerable expense for the parish at a later date, if an election was held out of step with other local elections. Continue reading New Chairman of Brentor Parish Council

Public toilets at St Michaels car park – management changes and thefts

Following negotiations with Brentor Parish Council, West Devon Borough Council and the Dartmoor National Park Authority, the local Church PCC has agree to take on the management and funding of these toilets.

Some time ago West Devon Borough Council announced that they would no longer fund the maintenance and cleaning of the toilets.  They are situated on DNPA land and are essential for visitors to the historic St Michaels church.  Many thousands of visitors come to see the tor and the church.  Regular church services are held there  and the church is also in demand for weddings, generating income for the PCC. Continue reading Public toilets at St Michaels car park – management changes and thefts

Only three parishioners attend the annual parish meeting

The Brentor Parish Council annual parish meeting was only attended by three Brentor residents – and one of those was this website’s editor.

The meeting, held on 9th May 2022 in the village hall, was an opportunity for the Parish Council to publicise report on activity over the past year and engage with parish members.

The original report which appeared here, written by the editor, has been amended after discussion with local Parish Councillors.  The editor is sorry  for any errors that appeared in the original text.

Terry Pearce, Chairman, reported on the following items: Continue reading Only three parishioners attend the annual parish meeting

Jubilee Tea invitations for holiday guests

Do you own holiday accommodation in Brentor Parish?  
If you do please let Margaret Calder know by emailing

The Village Hall and Playing Field Committee will soon be posting invitations to the Jubilee afternoon tea on Sunday 5 June and want to ensure your guests who are staying on that date
also get an invitation.

Many Brentor homes still have no access to fibre broadband

Since July 2021 West Blackdown properties have benefited from fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband, offering internet speeds of up to 900mbps.  The cost of this service is proving to be less than the charges made for their previously abysmal broadband. Many properties from Station Road in the centre of Brentor to Hammer Park have also, since February 2022, been connected to FTTP broadband, using a variety of internet service providers (ISPs).  This has all been funded by the government’s ‘Universal Service Obligation’ (USO) scheme. Continue reading Many Brentor homes still have no access to fibre broadband

Picture of the month

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Liddaton Halt was a tiny railway station opened on 4th April 1938 by the Great Western Railway on the Launceston and South Devon branch line.  It was to serve the hamlet of Liddaton and opened much later than most other stations on the railway line from Plymouth to Launceston, which had started operating in 1865.
Continue reading Picture of the month

Report the Asian hornet!

Vespa velutina, known as the ‘Asian hornet’ or ‘yellow-legged hornet’ is an invasive species from Asia.  If you find one you MUST report it.  The species arrived in France in 2004 and has spread rapidly.  As a highly effective predator of insects, including honey bees and other beneficial species, it can cause big losses to bee colonies, other native species and potentially ecosystems.  We have several beekeepers in Brentor who would appreciate your help in preventing this species from spreading.

Continue reading Report the Asian hornet!

Grants of up to £500 for community wildlife projects

The independent charity Devon Communities Together (DCT) has announced the launch of a new Community Wildlife Grant scheme, which has been developed by the Devon Local Nature Partnership (DLNP) to provide small grants of up to £500 to community wildlife projects.

Applications are open to parish and town councils, community groups and community partnerships that wish to fund initiatives that will benefit local wildlife. Continue reading Grants of up to £500 for community wildlife projects

One new Parish Councillor, but another needed!

At their meeting on 18 December 2021 the Parish Council co-opted Jo Pullinger as a parish councillor, to fill Cllr. Chitty’s place following his departure from the Parish Council.

Brentor Parish Council still needs another councillor.
The Parish Council meets once a month,  so if you would like to be more involved in the running of YOUR parish, please contact the clerk,  Caroline Oxenham, at for details.

Ongoing community issues

This website provides a source of information about issues which are of ongoing concern in our village.  They first appear on the home page, but require additional space to do them justice and to provide a timeline of how important matters are progressing.

Click here for information about Broadband provision for Brentor

Click here for information about Local Needs Housing provision in Brentor

Click here for information about the possible new railway line through Brentor (part of the Dawlish alternative route)

Click here for information about flooding and surface water management in Brentor