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Help improve mobile phone coverage

The Government is intending to introduce changes to the rules for mobile phone mast planning consent in the very near future.
If you are in one of the many houses in Brentor with no mobile coverage then please call your mobile provider and register a complaint regarding your lack of coverage.  If there are sufficient complaints then we should be prioritised for a new mast(s) to provide coverage.

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Fibre network underway

West Blackdown residents are now being connected to Brentor’s new digital broadband network.  The first connection was made on 23 August 2021.  Several previous deadlines had been missed, but now all the months of battling with BT and Openreach, and all the countless telephone conversations and emails to Ofcom, our MP etc , have finally produced a result. Continue reading Fibre network underway

Main line railway through Brentor?

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A local resident has written to Dartmoor National Park Authority Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Bishop, about the proposed railway reinstatement. His reply can be seen by clicking the image on the right.  Let’s hope that Dr Bishop goes on to represent the views of National Park residents as well as the Park itself!

This issue has been going on for some time.  As the CEO says, Dartmoor National Park Authority commissioned a report in 2015 to identify the key issues for the proposed line.  Click here to see the report, called ‘Devon Main Line Route Options – DNPA Scoping Report. Continue reading Main line railway through Brentor?

We’ve done it! Much of Brentor village centre to get free superfast broadband connection

Not only West Blackdown homes but also up to 31 homes in Brentor village centre will definitely be getting access at no cost to the new fibre broadband network being built by Openreach.  West Blackdown should be connected by the end of August (over a month later than originally quoted), and BT announced on 10th March 2021 that enough residents had signed up for the government-funded Universal Service Obligation scheme for the north side of the village centre to also be connected. 

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South Hams and West Devon Council Community Broadband project

South Hams and West Devon Council have jointly funded a two year Community Broadband Project to help drive broadband provision in areas with poor connectivity.  It is being run by Gemma Bristow at West Devon BC, who writes:

‘Broadband provision in West Devon is ranked one of the worst in the country, partly due to our dispersed rural communities and the challenging topography of the landscape. During the pandemic digital connectivity has been proven to be critical and a lifeline for all. Communities are heavily reliant on digital apps and online services for their healthcare support, businesses fight for their survival through online sales and those who are isolated turn to the internet for a social connection with their communities.  We need to ensure our rural communities are not left behind in this digital age. This project will help residents and businesses to navigate what has become a highly complex system of broadband suppliers and providers, and Government subsidy schemes. Continue reading South Hams and West Devon Council Community Broadband project