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Suthering in concert at Brentor Village Hall

On 17 September 2022 at 7.30pm.

Suthering, meaning ‘the sound of the wind through the trees or wind under a birds wing’, combines the musical talents of Julu Irvine and Heg Brignall.  A couple in life and in music, the duo have taken the folk scene by storm with their unusual and fresh approach to folk.  Julu and Heg are true story-tellers who champion female characters, creating new narratives for women and unearthing the female heroines of folk. Continue reading Suthering in concert at Brentor Village Hall

Help reduce the risk of wild fires during dry weather

With the very dry weather, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue has issued a warning about the risk of wild fires, and are asking people to help prevent them occuring.

Dartmoor National Park Authority has also introduced a temporary ban on open fires and barbeques on all common land within the National Park.

They’re urging people who plan to spend time in the National Park to be extremely vigilant to the increased risk of fires. Continue reading Help reduce the risk of wild fires during dry weather

My Place, My Views

West Devon Borough Council, South Hams District Council and Plymouth City Council have launched a new consultation asking local residents what they like about their neighbourhood and what could be improved.  My Place, My Views consists of a simple survey and interactive map, which asks people how they feel about:

  • Their local facilities, services and open spaces
  • The types of places they like most and why
  • Using online services.
  • The places they would like to see change in the next five to ten years.

To find out more and take part in the survey, click here

Picture of the month

This mystery photo has been sent to our website by Sue Swanborough.  She acquired it recently but so far has had no success in locating where it was taken.
The reverse of the photograph is inscribed  ‘St Barbara, Brentor, Devon, August 1932’,  but no house called St Barbara is listed in local censuses.

If you recognise where this photo was taken please contact the editor at

You can see all the past pictures of the month by clicking here.

The Growing Communities fund

The Growing Communities Fund has just been launched by Devon County Council and is intended to support proactive, effective, measurable, and sustainable actions to enable individuals and communities to build self-reliance and community resilience, reduce food and fuel inequalities and improve mental health and wellbeing and respond to the climate emergency.
A wide range of groups and organisations can apply including ‘host’ organisations. The Growing Communities Fund will provide grant awards of between £500-£1000 and £1000-£3,000 (though we will enter discussions with applicants who have exemplary or innovative projects).   The grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 will be reimbursed upon receipt of an end of project report outlining what the funds paid for and the impact and outcomes. Continue reading The Growing Communities fund

Come on you Brentor singers!

You too can sing the Hallelujah Chorus!

Always wanted to but never have?   Now is your chance.  Come along to Mount Kelly on Thursday 8 September 2022 at 7.30 p.m. in The Big School, Mount Kelly, Parkwood Road Tavistock.  Join the Mount Kelly Choral Society at a special,open door “come and sing” event and sing The Hallelujah Chorus.   Score provided and refreshments will be available. Continue reading Come on you Brentor singers!

Cost of Living payments

Millions of people on means-tested benefits are receiving the first of two cost of living instalments totalling £650 from 14 July 2022, as part of a £37 billion government package to help families with cost of living pressures.

The first £326 instalment for qualifying low-income households in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by their usual payment method continue to the end of the month. For those eligible, the rest will follow in a second instalment in the autumn. Continue reading Cost of Living payments

Brenstock – what a day!

Twelve acts – an audience of 500 – twelve hours of music – what a day!

Fun for everyone and an amazing profit of £3500 which goes towards staging the next Brenstock and adds to village hall funds!

Brentor Car Park charging proposal

A site meeting about the proposed introduction of charges at Brentor Church car park was held on Monday 18th July.  It was attended by Andrew Watson (Estates Officer) and Richard Drysdale (Communities Officer) of Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA), Helen Harris, Rob Harris and Christopher Pancheri from Brentor PCC, Gary Hunt (Chairman of Brentor Parish Council (BCC), Terry Pearce of WDBC and BCC, and two other councillors from Brentor Parish Council, Caroline Mott , and Philip Sanders representing Devon County Council (DCC) and DNPA. Carol and Colin Sergant represented the bell ringers.

Richard Drysdale explained that DNPA is under pressure to reduce outgoings and maximise income and has therefore (following a review of assets) decided to ask Devon County Council to apply on their behalf for TRO off-street parking orders for a number of their car parks, to allow charging for parking.  They propose charging every day including Sundays 10am-6pm, and no vehicle may return within 1 hour: motorcycles would be free, disabled persons vehicle all day £2, minibuses all day £5, and all other vehicles up to 3 hours £2, over 3 hours £3. Continue reading Brentor Car Park charging proposal

Brenstock tee-shirt sale

Get your memento of this year’s Brenstock! There are a few Brenstock tee-shirts remaining from this year’s festival, now on sale for just £5! 

Unisex, heavy quality, small and medium sizes in black and larger sizes in white – don’t miss a bargain!

To purchase yours contact Colin Dawes on 811079

USO Broadband survey

Full Fibre to the Property Broadband has now arrived in Brentor village. Unfortunately only a relatively small proportion of properties in Brentor are able to make use of this facility, the  majority still need alternative methods with poor speed and/or reliability/cost issues.

In order to encourage OpenReach to complete coverage of the whole of Brentor Parish, over the coming weeks, one of your Parish Councillors will be visiting you with a short list of questions about the availability of broadband in your home and what your broadband requirements may be. The information you provide will be collated and used to try to improve the broadband service to all homes in our Parish. OpenReach have already installed a dedicated fibre from Tavistock to Brentor – we are now working to get OpenReach and/or Airband to extend coverage to the whole of Brentor.

Continue reading USO Broadband survey

Report the Asian hornet!

Vespa velutina, known as the ‘Asian hornet’ or ‘yellow-legged hornet’ is an invasive species from Asia.  If you find one you MUST report it.  The species arrived in France in 2004 and has spread rapidly.  As a highly effective predator of insects, including honey bees and other beneficial species, it can cause big losses to bee colonies, other native species and potentially ecosystems.  We have several beekeepers in Brentor who would appreciate your help in preventing this species from spreading.

Continue reading Report the Asian hornet!

Grants of up to £500 for community wildlife projects

The independent charity Devon Communities Together (DCT) has announced the launch of a new Community Wildlife Grant scheme, which has been developed by the Devon Local Nature Partnership (DLNP) to provide small grants of up to £500 to community wildlife projects.

Applications are open to parish and town councils, community groups and community partnerships that wish to fund initiatives that will benefit local wildlife. Continue reading Grants of up to £500 for community wildlife projects