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New Housing needs survey to be carried out

Although there has been no obvious movement for some time, the subject of Affordable Housing is still very much an ongoing matter.

Parish Councillors are aware however that the information collected from the Housing Needs Survey conducted some time ago may now be out of date.  In view of this, Councillors are intending to establish current need by means of a new survey.  Once this information has been collected, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the findings. The survey will be accessible to all and Councillors hope to circulate details of it and how to respond within the next few weeks.
Caroline Oxenham,  Parish Clerk

Christchurch Airband transmitter adjusted to provide better coverage


Parish Councillor Bob Lemon has written to the Editor:

“In order to ensure more accuracy and less bias on the village website, following comments regarding Airband:
1. The antenna on the church has been adjusted and most properties in village centre are now covered.
2. Take up in Brentor has been higher than most other villages, with over 40 properties now being supplied.
3. There was a minor speed reduction during roll out, but now corrected and 30MB is the norm.
4. The planning application for the feeder dish is proceeding and is looking as though it should go through. This is higher than existing so may enable some cover into valley.
5. The customer service has been excellent to date.

Bob Lemon”

In October 2017, 18 months late, the Airband transmitter on Christchurch tower became active, fed from a temporary mobile relay transmitter in the car park of the Brentor Inn.  Airband have submitted a planning application to Dartmoor National Park to erect a permanent wooden pole with transmitters on the site,  providing a permanent solution to the loss of the Bearwood Farm relay and possibly increasing coverage to some other parts of Brentor.

The Airband transmitter and relay dish on Christchurch tower before it was adjusted to provide better coverage

Initially some properties very near to the church tower could not receive an Airband signal, but now that the transmitter on Christchurch has been adjusted more  villagers in the centre of North Brentor should be able to enjoy superfast broadband. 

Residents in the village centre who do not have a line of sight due to tall trees in the village centre or the position of the transmitter in relation to the four corner finials of the church tower still will not be able to receive Airband.  The many other properties in outlying parts of Brentor which cannot see the Christchurch transmitter, or any of the other Airband transmitters, still cannot receive Airband and there seems little hope of this situation changing in the near future now that the contract period with Connecting Devon and Somerset has expired.  This is rather disappointing after a delay of 18 months and the huge amount of public money spent by Connecting Devon and Somerset on the Airband contract.  

Use of Airband is, of course, subject to taking out a contract with an Internet Service Provider using the Airband system (your choice is very limited, with no large national ISPs on board).

The Parish Clerk has received an apologetic letter from the Managing Director concerning the delay to activating the Airband transmitter on the Christchurch tower.  

Click here to read the full letter from Airband

 You can still check your broadband speed by clicking here. (Just click the button marked ‘Start Speed Test’ below the two dials).

For more information about how this issue has evolved click here

Colin Dawes, Editor

Ongoing community issues

A new section has been added to this website – ‘Ongoing Community Issues’

This sets out to provide a source of information about issues which are of ongoing concern to our village.  Often these issues first appear on this home page, but require additional space to do them justice.
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