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Brentor Commons Update – March 2018

In the heat of an unusual warm afternoon, a pair of buzzards soared languidly overhead. They traced invisible circles drifting across my field of view when I realised they were bisected by a pair of con trails.  What a contrast between the silent and seemingly effortless gliding with the rectilinear power of modern technology.  Straight lines against circles, silence against a vast roaring and energy free gliding against the insatiable thirst of four jet engines.
At last the birds are in full song.  The common was alive again.  There were three pairs of yellowhammer, two pairs of bullfinch and several chiffchaffs in just a short length of the back path behind the big ash tree.  It has been an unusual year for me with the chiffchaffs. They are inevitably the first summer visitor to arrive on the common and are brought to my attention by their easily recognisable onomatopoeic song.  This year they are more than two weeks later than normal and though I have seen several, I have yet to hear their calls.
There is colour appearing in the hedge banks at last.  At the base, the acid chrome yellow of the celandines contrasts well with the soft pastel yellow of the primroses.  Everyone is saying that the primroses are putting on their best showing for many years.  I think this is because the cold spring has held them back and when there was at last a little warmth they all came out together.
The few warm days that we have had even brought butterflies out of hibernation and I saw a pair of red admirals battling with each other, I assume to establish territory, with such energy as they swirled around my head in pursuit of each other, totally oblivious of my presence.

Barry Albrighton

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