At last – progress on Brentor’s fibre broadband project

West Blackdown residents are now connected to Brentor’s new digital broadband network and further connections to Station View and the village centre are underway.  There will still be areas of the village centre that have no fibre connection, such as the Darke Lane area where residents have been given enormously high quotes for connection under the government’s Universal Service Obligation scheme.  Houses near Bearwood farm are also not being connected at the present time.

Work in constructing the skeleton of the new fibre network on existing telephone poles in the village centre has been completed and the network should go live in early 2022.

Residents are being offered superfast fibre-to-the-premises connections of up to 900 mbps, although most are opting  for less expensive connections at 36, 50 or 100mbps, according to their needs.  There is also the option to use the digital system for voice phone calls and to get rid of the old copper telephone lines in due course.  It’s worth noting that Openreach aim to remove their copper network from all areas of the UK with fibre by 2025.

It is definitely worth talking to others who have already bought a digital package to compare the prices negotiated.  The high-speed internet and telephone packages on offer are proving to be less expensive than the cost of our previous abysmal service. There is a range of ISPs available on the network.

It took only a day to bury 1.85km of conduit pipe beneath the moor to bring our fibre cable from Mary Tavy.  The rest of the fibre-to-the-premises network is being installed above ground on existing telephone poles.

Airband, who provide a radio internet system to some premises in Brentor is currently constructing a fibre network, funded by Connecting Devon and Somerset, that will serve the Liddaton Common and Liddaton area of the parish.  Connection to properties is expected from April 2022.  Airband’s code for this project is NF052 and they will answer any questions and give further information on the situation – call 01905 676 121 and take option 1.

If you have any questions or concerns around broadband, there is a dedicated person at West Devon Borough Council who is a Community Broadband Specialist who can help, her name is Gemma Bristow and her number is 01803 861383.