Brentor Community Trust changes

John Wheeler and Mike Whitfield, long standing trustees of the Brentor Community Trust, announced their retirement many months ago.  A plea for volunteers to take their places yielded no response and so, rather than see it disappear, Brentor Parish Council has stepped in to oversee the continued running of the Trust.

On behalf of all residents of Brentor past and present, the Parish Council would like to thank John and Mike and other past trustees for their hard work in providing such an important community resource.

Brentor News will, from the beginning of 2022, cease in its current form and village news, events, information etc will ONLY be available online via the village website.
The decision to stop creating a separate, printed newsletter has been made for a number of reasons …the ability of people to access it online, cost saving and the time/money/environmental impact of those volunteers who deliver the newsletter in its current form.

The three Brentor News editors, Jane Phelpstead, Adrian Arnold and Sue Fraser will join the village website editorial team and residents can continue to submit news items via them or directly to Colin Dawes.  Colin will send out occasional e-robin reminders when particularly important news is added, in addition to the usual ones for village events.

If you are not already receiving e-robins you can join the list by sending your name and address to:

It is hoped that in the future, with help from additional technology, the Brentor Living Archive, which was also run by the Brentor Community Trust, will be incorporated into the website.

Brentor Parish Council