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Friends of the Field Annual Report 2021

This is our 6th annual report since the creation of the Friends of the Field monthly prize draw scheme back in January 2016.
A great deal has been achieved at the Playing Field during the intervening years and is quite unrecognisable from the rather sorry state it had become. The defunct play area; overgrown willow tunnel; general lack of grass maintenance and the almost collapsing cricket pavilion has been transformed over the past 7 years. Much of it achieved by the generous support of the Friends of the Field monthly subscriptions. We have also received support in more practical ways as well. Several residents have made time to do some extra strimming and hedge trimming around the benches and gateways which helps to make the area look well cared for. Many thanks to those concerned.

Despite the Covid 19 restrictions the Playing Field has often come to the fore to provide a safer environment in which to meet. Car boot sales during the summer, outdoor coffee mornings and a lovely evening of festive music and carols in December helped to keep some community interaction alive.

A rather unused corner of the Playing Field required repair and regeneration work to enable the provision of some play & exercise equipment. The village hall and playing field committee decided that a wooden play tractor and two items of exercise equipment suitable for a young age group should be installed. The majority of the costs involved came from grants generously provided by the Co-op but a shortfall of £820 was gladly contributed from Friends of the Field reserves. The tractor was duly installed in June and a young representative involved with co-op community projects came along that same day to help. The ‘wobble board’ and incline weaver made their appearance a little later in August and all have proved to be a successful addition to the Playing Field facilities. When funds allow some more items will be provided.

We still have in the Friends of the Field fund a sum of £1500 which of course grows each month thanks to your generous contributions. The money will certainly be put to good use during the coming year as and when new maintenance or equipment is needed.

Our very best wishes for the year ahead…….Sue Stephens, Kate Kelly & Anne Clark.


A standing order of £5 per month paid to the Friends of the Field bank account helps with extra maintenance and improvements to the Playing Field.  Bank detailsTSB Friends of the Field,  Sort Code: 30-98-46 Account: 30089760
If you would like to support the Field in this way please contact:
Sue Stephens, tel 860374,