Flooding in North Brentor village centre

The surface-water drains in the village centre have overflowed during heavy rain for a long time, but in recent years the more frequent heavy storms have highlighted the problem.

Water flowing into the water treatment works

In very heavy rain Station Road is like a river, and much of this water ends up flowing into the vulnerable sewage treatment works site.

Some residents have been making efforts to alleviate this problem by rodding out blocked drains and opening up old drains long hidden under tarmac near Bonnaford.  The ditches behind Station Road cottages and the Coach House have also been cleared out by residents, to reduce flooding behind these properties.

The collapsing granite edging to a drainage ditch

The water course opposite Station Road cottages was edged with granite just a few years ago, but much of this is collapsing  into the water and it seems that the historic drainage system is just not up to the job these days.   Please send your views and suggestions to this website – email editor@brentorvillage.org.