Farewell to the printed Brentor News

December 2021 Brentor News

The last printed issue of Brentor News has been delivered to residents’ doors.  It comes with an extra separate page to mark this change.  From January all the news and information found in Brentor News will be here on our village website, along with the more in-depth items you are used to seeing here.

Brentor News farewell insert


This website is regularly updated, so you’ll hear about events and all the latest news as soon as it’s available, just dip in as often as you like!

You can see the archive of past editions of Brentor news by clicking here.

Please get in touch with the editors when you have some news or information about Brentor.  A photograph will help to get your information noticed. The three current Brentor News editors are joining the website editorial team:

Jane Phelpstead tel 810635, email editor2@brentorvillage.org
Adrian Arnold tel 665066, email editor1@brentorvillage.org
Sue Fraser tel 811097, email  editor3@brentorvillage.org

You can submit news items to them or to the website’s general editor, Colin Dawes, tel 811079 , email editor@brentorvillage.org