Only three parishioners attend the annual parish meeting

The Brentor Parish Council annual parish meeting was only attended by three Brentor residents – and one of those was this website’s editor.

The meeting, held on 9th May 2022 in the village hall, was an opportunity for the Parish Council to publicise report on activity over the past year and engage with parish members.

The original report which appeared here, written by the editor, has been amended after discussion with local Parish Councillors.  The editor is sorry  for any errors that appeared in the original text.

Terry Pearce, Chairman, reported on the following items:

Highway drainage in North Brentor village centre

£4,000 from a TAP fund grant was spent by the Parish Council on repairs to the edging of the open drain opposite The Old Post Office.  These repairs have proved unsuitable and now much of the edging has collapsed.  The Parish Council has had no success in persuading the County Council to rectify this situation.  The Chairman suggested that County Councillor Sanders, our local County Councillor, should be lobbied to intervene to get the repairs done.  A member of the public pointed out that Councillor Sanders had, in an election leaflet, claimed that he was personally responsible for getting the original repair done to what he described as ‘an historic Brentor watercourse’.

Map of cemetery plots

This has now been prepared by the Parish Clerk, since none existed in the past.

Support for the Village Hall and Playing Field

The Chairman said that he felt that it was important for the Parish Council to support these facilities by paying for their insurance as in previous years.

Devon air ambulance night landing site

The Parish Council  has been liaising with Devon Air Ambulance Association to install a floodlight at the playing field.  The field will then be available for emergency landings at night.  The three phase power supply to playing field will also benefit the playing field.

Reinstatement of the railway line through Brentor 

The Chairman said that this was now very likely to happen, though perhaps not in his lifetime.  He appreciated that this might not be welcomed by some parish residents.  A member of the public said that he felt that the Parish Council should be discussing this with the public, to get their views on this matter which will radically affect a number of residents and the tranquility of the area.

Affordable housing

The Parish Council has not been informed of the results of the recent housing needs survey, but these should be available by the end of the week.  A member of the public pointed out that this issue had been rumbling on for seven years and that still we seem no nearer to getting the housing built.

Public toilets at the St Michaels car park

The local Church PCC has agree to take on the management and funding of these toilets, so the contribution that the Parish Council has being making will be removed.   A member of the public asked if this meant that the parish precept would be reduced to reflect this annual fall in expenditure of approximately £2,000, reducing our high council tax bill.  The Parish Clerk pointed out that the actual figure was £1,850.

Thefts at the St Michaels Church car park

The Chairman expressed concern at the high number of thefts taking place from cars parked in this car park.  A member of the public asked why temporary video surveillance could not be installed, but was told that the police said that they were concerned that any such equipment would be stolen.

Adoption of Brentor Community Trust

The website editor reminded the Parish Council that they had adopted the Brentor Community Trust in order to prevent its demise.  This included the Brentor Village website, the e-robin system and the Brentor Community Archive.  He suggested that the Parish Council should use the Website and e-robin system more effectively to promote its work and engender support from the community.

The Wheelwright’s Stone in Burn Lane

The Chairman said that this matter had still not been resolved.  A member of the public pointed out that the stone had been removed some 12 years ago without reference to the Parish Council or the local community, and that it was time for the Council to make a concerted effort to get this important historical artefact put back into its original working location.

Retirement of the Chairman of Brentor Parish Council

Councillor Terry Pearce announced that he had decided to retire from the chairmanship of Brentor Parish Council and would be formally announcing this at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council immediately following the Annual Parish Meeting.  He recalled that he had taken on the role some years ago to prevent the loss of the parish clerk and Parish Council when only two people stood as parish councillors.

The members of the public and the Parish Councillors present gave a vote of thanks for all his hard work in chairing the Council.