The Growing Communities fund

The Growing Communities Fund has just been launched by Devon County Council and is intended to support proactive, effective, measurable, and sustainable actions to enable individuals and communities to build self-reliance and community resilience, reduce food and fuel inequalities and improve mental health and wellbeing and respond to the climate emergency.
A wide range of groups and organisations can apply including ‘host’ organisations. The Growing Communities Fund will provide grant awards of between £500-£1000 and £1000-£3,000 (though we will enter discussions with applicants who have exemplary or innovative projects).   The grants of between £1,000 and £3,000 will be reimbursed upon receipt of an end of project report outlining what the funds paid for and the impact and outcomes.

Projects can:

  • link to already established work and add value
  • be new and in response to an identified need
  • use innovation to improve efficiency, reach a wider range of people and improve provision

The fund can support projects that:

  • address hardship such as food or fuel insecurity, particularly using creative solutions
  • build greater degrees of?self-reliance and community resilience
    tackle loneliness and isolation and build self-esteem
    whilst responding to the climate emergency, have a clear and direct community benefit
  • show innovation and pilot new ways of working

Applications for both project and core costs will be considered, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.  Also, the inclusion of reasonable costs associated with evaluation and identifying learning,  sharing and promoting good practice.

For full details and and the on-line application form follow the link to