Beating the Bounds – 6th May

Brentor parish has announced a plan to hold a Beating of the Bounds this year.  Planning is currently in the early stages but appropriate permissions have been gained from the relevant land owners and, in keeping with tradition, the perambulation will be held on Rogation Sunday, 6th May, 2018.
Many of the parish’s boundaries date from Saxon times and incorporate parts of what were known as Liddaton and Lamerton to become Brentor in the 1800s. In 1987 land was gained from Mary Tavy along West Blackdown but lost to Lydford on the north-east side.  The parish boasts five old inscribed boundstones on the current boundary, to which a further nine ‘millennium’ boundstones were added in 2000, notably along the newly defined border with Mary Tavy.
The current boundary measures some 14 miles (22 km) and was last beaten in 1989.  The proposed perambulation is thus long overdue and we hope to revive interest in this traditional feature of parish life.  Watch out for more details in the coming months, either here on the village website or in the Brentor News.
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