Review of the Dartmoor National Park Management Plan – have your say

Dartmoor National Park Management Plan is currently under review –  click here to see the plan.  This is the single most important plan for the future of Dartmoor National Park.  It is a strategic plan which sets out the long-term ‘Vision’ for the next 20 years, and guides decisions affecting Dartmoor’s future over the coming five years.  It is not to be confused with the Local Plan, also currently under review, which sets out planning policies for Dartmoor, identifies how land is used and determines what will be built where.  

As part of the Management Plan review, Dartmoor National Park Authority has launched a survey to collect the public’s views about priorities and issues for Dartmoor National Park – you can find this by clicking here and you should respond by 5pm on Friday 30 NovemberThe National Park is not asking Parish and Town Councils to respond formally at this stage, so our comments should be important in setting the tone of the review.  Much of Brentor is within the Dartmoor National Park, so this really is a chance to have your say about how our surroundings are managed.

If you have any questions you should contact Sassie Tickle, an Assistant Forward Planner at the Dartmoor National Park Authority, tel 01626 831053.