Comment on the new Dartmoor Local Plan!

Help plan for the future of Dartmoor National Park by commenting on the new draft Local Plan being launched next week.  The Local Plan sets out what type of development is and isn’t acceptable in the National Park. It is what the National Park Authority uses to decide planning applications, and sets out where future development may take place.

The Local Plan contains a broad range of policies that cover things like extensions and conservatories, conversions and new houses. It identifies land for future housing or employment development in Dartmoor’s larger towns and villages. It covers farming and other business. It also considers the natural and historic environment and resource issues like energy and quarrying.

In order to ensure that planning works for everyone with an interest in Dartmoor the National Park Authority is asking for your comments on a new draft Local Plan.  This means reading the draft Plan and sharing your comments with them.  It’s important to tell them what you like, what you don’t like; whether you think they should change any of the policies, and why.

Dan Janota, Head of Forward Planning and Economy, Dartmoor National Park, said:
‘We have carried out a lot of research and community engagement to reach this point. Over the last two years we’ve held 23 public meetings or events, meeting with around 750 people, and we received a lot of written comments and views which, alongside the research we’ve published, have shaped this draft Plan. At this stage we now need people to take a look at what it says, and share their views with us in writing. This is the first draft so there is still plenty of opportunity to influence, but it’s important people share their views with us.’

‘The policies in the Local Plan could affect your home or your neighbours’, the businesses and services you use, and the places you like to visit. Commenting on a planning application is an important way of influencing planning decisions, but those decisions are made based on the policies in the Local Plan – if you really want to influence what happens in the future take a look at what it says, and give us your comments. Importantly you need to tell us what you do like, as well as anything you might like to see changed, and how. ‘

The Local Plan is available on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website or at libraries, parish councils and National Park Visitor Centres.  The consultation runs until 4 February 2019.   You can complete the online form on the Dartmoor National Park Authority website (go to the link below) or download the form and return it by email or post.

The consultation process begins with a series of local drop-in events, held over the next few weeks:
South East Dartmoor: Ashburton Christmas Fayre – Thursday 6 December 2018, 4pm – 7pm
South West Dartmoor: Meeting Room, Yelverton War Memorial Hall – Tuesday 11 December 2018, 3pm – 6pm
North Dartmoor: Whiddon Down Village Hall – Thursday 13 December 2018, 3pm – 6pm
East Dartmoor:  Moretonhampstead Community Club – Tuesday 18 December 2018, 3pm – 6pm
The National Park Authority is holding a number of other awareness-raising events and workshops aimed at a variety of audiences, with further details on their website.

Join the discussion and help the National Park  plan for the future of Dartmoor:
Click here to go to the Dartmoor National Park Authority local review page
Twitter: @DartmoorPlan
Facebook: /DartmoorPlan
Email –
Tel 01626 832093