Brentor People in 1911 and beyond

Irene Cradick has carried out a very detailed study of the people who lived in our parish a century ago, using the 1911 census and other sources.  It has been painstaking work and our thanks must go to her for the enormous effort that she has made to correlate all this information.  If you live in our parish you should be able to find out details of the people who lived in your house or nearby in the early part of the 20th century.  Enjoy your search!

Brentor in the 1911 census differed substantially from now.  Many households that would consider themselves part of Lydford, were in the Brentor enumeration district and West Black Down was part of Mary Tavy.  For the purposes of the study all the houses in Brentor and West Blackdown are included. You can discover who was the head of each household and the names of their family, including children living elsewhere.  People in the household with another surname, for example lodgers, visitors etc,  are also listed, along with fascinating details of their work, origins and lives.

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