Brentor in 1939

Len and Sheila Prouse’s wedding. From left: Vida G Prouse (née Bray), William R O Prouse, Joan Carpenter, Anthony Prouse, Leonard Prouse, Sheila Prouse (née Carpenter), Mr. Carpenter, Muriel Carpenter and Mrs. Carpenter.

Irene Cradick, a member of the Brentor Living Archive Group, has done even more painstaking and detailed work by compiling a record of the residents of Brentor from  a register of the residents taken in 1939.

The declaration of war on 3 September 1939 was quickly followed by The 1939 Registration Act, which created a 40 million entry record of the population of Great Britain, in preparation for war. Taken on 29 September 1939, the register, which includes the addresses, names, dates of birth, marital status and occupations of most people, was used to produce identity cards, for the issue of ration books, conscription into the armed forces and to monitor and control the movement of the population caused by military mobilisation and mass evacuation.  After the war it was used as the foundation for the Central Register of the NHS and was updated, including name changes, until 1991.

This record gives us a snapshot of who was living where and with whom and doing what in Brentor on that night 80 years ago, though records of some individuals are closed, until they are known to be deceased.  Irene has been researching village residents for Brentor 1939, a companion project to Brentor People in 1911, which is also available in the Brentor Village website’s ‘About Brentor’ history section.

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Irene has now also updated her 1911 researchto incorporate additional material contributed by a number of Brentor people, for which she is very grateful.

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Please do not hesitate to contact Irene if you have more information, corrections or if you think she can help you in any way – email .