Brentor Village Hall remains closed for large gatherings

Brentor Village Hall

The current guidance from the government, states that village halls are to independently decide on whether to reopen or not whilst adhering to social distancing, cleaning etc. As the guidelines mean that our hall would only be allowed to seat a maximum of 20 people, due to the restrictions, including the wearing of face coverings, the village hall and playing field committee have decided that social gatherings, including coffee mornings cannot be held for the foreseeable future.

The committee has also made the decision that meetings can be held at the village hall, if a member of the committee is present, so that cleaning according to Covid 19 guidelines can be administered, as well as track and trace implemented.  Seating has been placed accordingly.

The village hall relies on events for fundraising as well as bringing our community together and we are trying to put events on the playing field to help minimize the effect of the hall closure. Thank you to everyone who has been to those events. They include: Millie’s café, coffee morning, compost toilet opening, the car boot sale and friends of the field( please contact Sue Stephens for details)

As you can imagine this is a steep learning curve for the committee, who are all volunteers and we are having to continually adapt, sometimes with little notice. The committee has sought guidance from Devon Communities together and will continue to do so.

We will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

Clare Percival ( Vice Chair), email