Brentor News delivery suspended but you can still see the latest edition here

Brentor Community Trust, which publishes Brentor News, must of course suspend the delivery of printed copies of its news sheet during the coronavirus outbreak.  However you can access the latest copy and future copies of Brentor News online on this website.  You can also receive it by email if you are on the Brentor ‘E-Robin’ mailing list (see below)

Click here to go to the Brentor News page.

The Brentor ‘E-Robin’ mailing list is a free service run by Brentor Community Trust.  About 90 households are already on this list and receive the latest information about events in the village.  During the coronavirus outbreak this system also provides a way to disseminate useful information quickly throughout the parish.
If you would like to be added to the free ‘E-Robin’ mailing list please email a request to .