Thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic

THOUGHTS FROM A VILLAGER …….. At Station View the neighbours are busy in their gardens.   There has been a cheeky break into a chicken coup with feathers ruffled but no harm done. Vegetable gardens rotavated, turned and twisted, with rocks removed – enough to build another Brentor church.   The Brentor camaraderie is in full flair, with donated jams, plants and a friendly ‘good morning’.   Everyone is doing their bit for social distancing with a smile and a wave as they go.   For the NHS we say ‘thank you’!  For working hard to save the lives of the British public, we commend you.   It may seem safe in our village haven, but there are many less fortunate in built up areas with no green spaces.   For them the social distancing is all the more hard.   We thank you for your sacrifice. Stay safe, save lives, stay in doors, save the NHS. Brentor for all!
Kerry Palmer

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