Do you use Airband? Would you change if the opportunity arose?

Substantial parts of our Parish can not access the Airband  broadband system or other superfast systems such as 4G.  The residents in these areas are hoping to benefit from the Government’s Universal Service Obligation funding to get a fibre optic cable laid across the moor from the Mary Tavy exchange (see below !).  If this were to happen it is possible that fibre broadband and telephone services would become available throughout the village, opening up the choice of internet service providers. This is happening free of charge in other nearby areas, such as Horndon, which are already fibre enabled from the Mary Tavy exchange.  It could also lead to many fewer faults in the telephone system by getting rid of our antiquated copper wire telephone system.
The Parish Council would be interested to know how many residents currently using Airband or another system would be prepared to change back to BT or another ISP if it was available via fibre cable.  It would be helpful if you could please let the Parish Clerk know what you would do in this situation, assuming of course that it was no more expensive than Airband.   Please contact the Parish Clerk, tel: 01822 481415 or  email: