Have you found a pair of specs?

The editor received the following message – and thinks that anyone who has walked from Lands End to Brentor deserves a bit of help!

Hi There,
I just finished walking from Lands End to Brentor late Monday pm and I waited at the War Memorial for a bus to take me to Tavistock. I managed to leave my specs on or around the Memorial.
I was speaking to a couple who lived just up from the Memorial who were walking their dog down toward the church just as the bus arrived. They were about to go to their house in Sennen Cove.
If you were able to pass on my request to anyone who may have found the specs to return them to me by post at the address below, I’d be very grateful. I will of course happily reimburse them for doing so.
Many thanks.
Yours sincerely,  Ken Maxwell
25 Bushy Park Gardens
TW11 0LQ
07785 926808