Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

This year there cannot be house-to-house collections or face-to-face contact without keeping to Social Distancing rules.  The collection dates this year are from
Saturday the 24th October until Remembrance Sunday on the 8th November. 

Please take the necessary Covid-19 precautions when handling any of the items sold or distributed.
The local team of collectors intend to circulate (post!) in early October some poppies in “Gift–aid” envelopes around the Parish with instructions contained within as to how to return the envelopes and pick up more poppies as required. These include poppies, large and small, 2020 enamel poppy pins, some VE poppy pins, poppy bracelets, magnetic car, van and lorry poppies, wooden crosses, wrist bands and other miscellaneous items to do with the Poppy
Appeal.  The team of collectors for this year are: Simon and Gaye Martin (810637), John Burrows (810494), Bob Lemon (810415), Rob Ormsby (860344) and Peter Cameron.
Last year the Parish collected the magnificent sum of £877.17 – a significant contribution from a small village such as ours. This is so much appreciated by the Royal British Legion, whose efforts to care for so many of our wounded, mentally distressed and ageing
ex-servicemen just cannot be underestimated. Thank you all so much.
Furthermore, £302.50 of last year’s collection was kindly “Gift-aided”, which meant an extra £75.62 for the British Legion. It does make such a difference gift aiding – an extra 25p for every pound donated to the Royal British Legion.
Thank you all so much for your co-operation. 

Please email Peter Cameron, Poppy Appeal Organiser for the Parish, if you have any queries, at .