A greener Christmas

Click on the image to see the waste collection calendar

West Devon Borough Council has published its waste and recycling collection dates for the Christmas and New Year period.  They have also set out what Christmas items can and can’t be recycled.  For example, unfortunately ordinary wrapping paper can’t be recycled, but they suggest finding an alternative.  For example, what about making your own using wallpaper lining paper that you decorate with watercolour or paper cut-outs?  Or even colourful leaves!  Use natural string and add natural decorations such as leaves and pine cones!

Click on the image to see a guide to Christmas recycling

Glitter and other shiny bits can’t be recycled – much of this is made from tiny plastic particles that are very bad if they get into the environment.  So please avoid buying Christmas cards with glitter on them because they won’t be accepted in the cardboard recycling bin.