Brentor Village Show

This event, held at the Village Hall, could not have been staged without the Brentor Village Show Organisers, an independent group who put in so much work every year towards its organisation.   In recent years there has been no Village Show, but there is always hope that it can be revived.

We should also not forget the many volunteers who ran the stalls, stewarded for the judges, made cakes, washed up and generally assisted in so many ways. 
The show included a produce section, baking, photography and art and crafts.  There were often stalls, music and other activities.

Profit from the show, which usually amounted to some £500,  was used to benefit the village hall and playing field.

Thank you to everyone in the village and beyond for attending the show and for your generosity – it made all the effort worthwhile.  The village show organizers reluctantly decided not to run the Brentor Village Show in 2014.   Several members of the group had been involved with the show for 8 years and really wanted a break and for others to take on their role. It was a difficult decision to make as the team knows how much the show is enjoyed and has become an eagerly anticipated part of the village calendar.
However, perhaps another team will come forward to take over or will consider running an alternative event this summer.  Brenstock provides an alternative, but is quite different to the Show.
Should another group be willing to pick up the reins the old team would be very happy to pass on the relevant paper work but they really feel that they need  to recharge their batteries! 

Contact for more information:
Please telephone Sue Stephens on 860374 if you would like to find out more information about running the Village Show.

Photos by Colin Dawes


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