Brentor Gallery

Would you like to share your photographs of Brentor?

Are you an artist who would like to show images of your work?

Contact Colin Dawes by e-mail at to send your images

The Brentor Calendar 2014
A very big thank you to everyone who submitted photographs for the first Brentor calendar.

The Brentor Calendar 2015
The photos selected for the Brentor Calendar 2015.

Sophy White, Earth Artist, Brentor Chapel
Sophy works in the Chapel Studio, painting animals using paint made from local earth. Her palette is made of ochres, soot, lime, cream clays and gold leaf.
She is inspired by our tribal past and has shown in Bristol, London, Bath, and Tavistock. Her next Brentor open studio is 31st August to 8th September 2013.
Please feel free to ring Sophy on 07790 957621 about any of her work, or email on
Some of the paintings below are for sale.


Brentor SeasonsPhotograph Gallery by Colin Dawes

Gillian Cox – Smartphone photographs by Gillian Cox

Brentor ChurchPhotographs by Louise Williams
Louise Williams visited Brentor on holiday in August 2015 and managed to take these excellent photographs of St Michael’s Church despite the poor weather….

Brentor Church – Photographs by Karen Hicks
Karen visited the church in 2017 and wants to share these photographs…

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