Brentor Gallery

Would you like to share your photographs of Brentor?

Are you an artist who would like to show images of your work?

Please send your images to Colin Dawes at .

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Jo Larson Burnett
Jo is an artist who lives in Brentor.  She is a printmaker and commercial illustrator currently undertaking an MA in Contemporary Art Practice.

The Brentor Calendar 2014
A very big thank you to everyone who submitted photographs for the first Brentor calendar.

The Brentor Calendar 2015
The photos selected for the Brentor Calendar 2015.

Brentor Seasons
Photographs by Colin Dawes, all taken from The Old School at West Blackdown

Gillian Cox
Smartphone photographs by Gillian Cox

St Michael’s Church, Brentor
Photographs by Louise Williams
Louise Williams visited Brentor on holiday in August 2015 and managed to take these excellent photographs of St Michael’s Church despite the poor weather….

St Michael’s Church, Brentor
Photographs by Karen Hicks
Karen visited the church in 2017 and wants to share these photographs…


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