Brentor Living Archive

The Brentor Archive Group was established as part of the Brentor Community Centre in 2001 and a constitution was agreed in 2003.  Its main activity is to develop The Brentor Living Archive which aims to involve the community in exploring the history of Brentor and appreciating the continuing relevance of this evolving story to contemporary village life. The group works through personal contact and individual research, and has brought together more than 800 items (photographs, documents and notes) relating to the social history of Brentor.  Most of these items have been entered into a searchable computer database.

Woodcutters in Brentor

Work is in progress to make the Brentor Living Archive accessible to the community and to a wider audience. The variety of material collected has excited interest at very successful Open Days held regularly since February 2002. These events have also provided a focus for the contribution of new material and the interpretation and documentation of items already catalogued.

The Brentor Village Website will eventually provide access to the archive photographs and other material and will provide a means for adding new material and for collecting information relevant to the material already held. This will help to link the Brentor Archive to similar projects in other communities.  At present you can access part of the archive by going to

As well as collecting material from the past, the Brentor Living Archive will also build the collection by adding records of current and future village activities.  It will continue to involve local voluntary groups and organisations in the interpretation and presentation of the material held.