Work starts on Brentor’s fibre broadband network

Work started on 13th April 2021 to lay a fibre optic cable on Gibbet Hill from Mary Tavy to West Blackdown.  It took only a day to bury 1.85km of conduit pipe beneath the moor.  Work to pull the new underground fibre cable through the conduit will soon be complete.
Click here to see a video of the conduit being laid

After the disturbed soil was compacted there was virtually no evidence that the conduit had been laid.  The rest of the fibre-to-the-premises network will be installed above ground on existing telephone poles.  Work on hanging the fibre cable from existing telephone poles started on 27 April.  When this is completed individual houses will be connected using fibre cable.  Openreach promises that West Blackdown homes will have their superfast broadband network in operation by 23 July at the latest, but it is not clear if the centre of the village will be connected at the same time.  However some home owners in the middle of the village have received text messages from BT indicating that their fibre network will be available by June.