Help improve mobile phone coverage

The Government is intending to introduce changes to the rules for mobile phone mast planning consent in the very near future.
If you are in one of the many houses in Brentor with no mobile coverage then please call your mobile provider and register a complaint regarding your lack of coverage.  If there are sufficient complaints then we should be prioritised for a new mast(s) to provide coverage.

It is worth noting that this is also expected to allow those houses with poor broadband, that are not included in the BT/Openreach fibre rollout, to have the option of broadband through the mobile phone signal.
Bob Lemon

Editor’s note:  Recent Ofcom rule changes now allow copper telephone connections to be replaced with fibre optic, and this is already happening in Brentor.  Unlike the copper network, a  fibre phone system does not work if there is a power cut unless the householder provides their own battery backup system – even more reason to get an improvement to our mobile phone signal.