Better late than never?

Fibre broadband is apparently like buses – you wait for ever and then two come along at once.  Airband, the supplier of our less-than-ideal wireless broadband network has announced that it will be bringing fibre broadband to Brentor!  
And just as the BT/Openreach fibre is about to be activated!

Our parish clerk has received the newsletter below….

We had understood that Brentor was not originally an area designated by Connecting Devon and Somerset (CDS) as a fibre rollout area, but according to a recent Airband email to a local resident, nine properties in the parish have been selected by CDS to be included in their fibre-to-the-premises rollout.  Apparently additional properties might be connected that are near to Airband’s new fibre, which passes by the extreme SW edge of the parish.  In fact only two of the nine properties named are in Brentor Parish, Whitstone Farm and Stowford Hillthe rest are in Week and Westcott, so it is unlikely that many Brentor residents will benefit.  Airband is hoping to improve its wireless service by feeding some of its existing transmitters from the new fibre network.

However, there are rumours that a further 525 properties in the area will be offered Aiband fibre broadband……….. watch this space!
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