New Chairman of Brentor Parish Council

At the Annual Parish Meeting held on 9th May 2022 Councillor Terry Pearce announced that he had decided to retire from the chairmanship of the Parish Council He took on the role some years ago when only two people stood for election as Parish Councillors.  His action prevented the village having Parish Councillors appointed in a caretaker role by a higher authority after three months of not being able to have a functioning Parish Council.  Had he not stepped in there could have been considerable expense for the parish at a later date, if an election was held out of step with other local elections.

Although he lives in Mary Tavy Councillor Pearce is also our local Borough Councillor and is able to serve on the Parish Council.  His knowledge of the working of local councils has been invaluable to the Parish Council.

The members of the public and the Parish Councillors present gave a vote of thanks for all his hard work in chairing the Council.

Councillor Pearce formally announced his retirement as Chairman at the Parish Council Annual General Meeting which immediately followed the Annual Parish Meeting.  Councillor Gary Hunt has become the new Chairman of the Parish Council and Terry Pearce will become Vice Chairman.