Public toilets at St Michaels car park – management changes and thefts

Following negotiations with Brentor Parish Council, West Devon Borough Council and the Dartmoor National Park Authority, the local Church PCC has agree to take on the management and funding of these toilets.

Some time ago West Devon Borough Council announced that they would no longer fund the maintenance and cleaning of the toilets.  They are situated on DNPA land and are essential for visitors to the historic St Michaels church.  Many thousands of visitors come to see the tor and the church.  Regular church services are held there  and the church is also in demand for weddings, generating income for the PCC.

The Parish Council, to keep the toilets open, agreed to step in and fund them from the parish precept as a temporary measure. The current financial contribution of £1,850 per annum will be removed from the Parish Council’s expenditure.  A member of the public at the recent Annual Parish Meeting asked if this meant that the parish precept would be reduced to reflect this fall in expenditure, reducing our high council tax bill, but no definitive answer was given.

Thefts at the Car Park
At the Annual Parish Meeting on 9th May the Chairman expressed concern at the high number of thefts taking place from cars parked in this car park.  A member of the public asked why temporary video surveillance could not be installed to catch the thieves responsible for the thefts, but he was told that the police were concerned that any such equipment would be stolen!