Affordable housing for Brentor – huge financial commitment by West Devon Borough Council

Some time ago West Devon Borough Council announced that it would be applying for planning permission to provide five  affordable rented homes and four shared ownership homes at Hammer ParkThe change from providing some discounted homes to shared ownership was apparently to enable the Council to apply for government funding towards the project.  However, months on, no further progress has been announced.

Following a lengthy design process and engagement with Dartmoor National Park planning department and an internal review of the business case, WDBC said that it intended to submit a planning application for the scheme.

The Council also said that it hoped that this application would  be successful and, if it was, officers would be able to take a report to the HUB Committee and to Full Council for a decision as to whether to proceed to the detailed design, tender and ultimately construction of the project.  It would represent an investment of over £2m by West Devon Borough Council.  There are of course risks associated with it, including having to spend around £85,000 on detailed designs.  At a Council meeting some time ago it was agreed to spend this money, so the project ought to be nearer to going ahead by now.

Should the project proceed to construction it would be self-financing using long term borrowing.  Until a tender exercise is undertaken the actual cost of construction remains unknown, and only at that stage will the Council be able to make a final decision to move forward to construction.

If you have connections to Brentor and you are interested in applying to live in this housing, please email or call 01822 813722. #housing #affordablehousing