Recreated ‘Brentor’ locomotive to steam again

The ‘Brentor’ locomotive

A ‘West Country Class’ steam locomotive built in Eastleigh in 1949 was named ‘Brentor’ and was used until July 9th 1967, when it was broken up for scrap.  One of its nameplates was given to Brentor and was displayed for many years in the council offices in Tavistock.  It is planned to loan the name plate for display at the Plym Valley Railway at Marsh Mills in Plymouth when Covid restrictions allow.

The ‘Brentor’ locomotive nameplate owned by the village

However, a sister ‘Battle of Britain Class’ locomotive, identical in design to the ‘Brentor’, was preserved by the Spa Valley Railway, a heritage railway that operates for 5 miles between Royal Tunbridge Wells and Eridge in Kent.  This locomotive is named ‘Sir Keith Park’, but for the weekend of 26th and 27th June it will temporarily become ‘Brentor’.

The two ‘Brentor’ nameplates, two West Country scrolls, the 34095 smokebox number plate and the ’71A’ Eastleigh Depot plate that will be temporarily used on ‘Sir Keith Park’ are reproductions, owned by Phill and Jane Brentor, who are delighted that their plates will grace the locomotive.

If COVID-19 restrictions allow, Brentor residents might like to take a ride on ‘Brentor’ when it steams again in Kent in June.