Parish Council Meetings and Agendas

All general meetings are held in Brentor Village Hall.  Planning meetings may be held in Christ Church.

The next meeting will be held on Monday 17th January  2022 at   7.30pm in the village hall.

Agendas for Parish Council meetings are available below

A reminder of the rules for Public Question Time can be found below.

Public Participation Rules

26th April 2021                                                                 Action Log
4th May                                                                                 Action Log
14th June                                                                              Action Log
12th July                                                                               Action log
9th August                                                                            Action log
13th September                                                              Action Log
Agenda 11th October                                            Action log
15th November                                                            Action Log
13th December                                                          Action Log
17th January 2022                                                Action Log


January 20th                                                                   Action Log
February 10th                                                                 Action Log
March 9th                                                                          Action Log
May 27th                                                                            Action Log
July 13th                                                                             Action Log
August 10th                                                                       Action Log
Agenda 14th September                                           Action log
12th October                                                                  Action log
Agenda 16th November                                           Action log
Agenda 14th December                                           Action log
18th January 2021                                                      Action Log
15th February 2021                                                  action log
15th March                                                                   Action Log
Extraordinary meeting
Annual Parish Meeting
26th April 2021                                              Action Log


Action Log
Agenda May(AGM)                      Action Log
Agenda June           Action Log
Agenda July              Action Log
Agenda September      Action Log
Agenda October        Action Log
Agenda November      Action Log
Agenda December      Action Log
Agenda January 2020       Action Log

January 2018
Agenda May(AGM) – Notice board     APM       Action Log
Agenda 2nd July
Agenda 16th July          Action Log    
Agenda (2nd August)
Agenda 17th September            Action Log
November                                      Action Log
December                   Action Log
Agenda Jan 19                Action Log
February                  Action Log 
March                         Action Log

Nov Planning
September – Notice board
May (AGM)

January 2017
November 2016
Agenda September 2016
August extra Meeting
Agenda July 2016
May 2016 (AGM)